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Looking for tires near you can be a challenging, Joe’s Slinger Service is your tire shop near you. Living in rural areas like Slinger, WI you may find yourself driving further to get to your destination. Or you could be taking back roads to enjoy the scenery. Picking out the right tire is important – and can be fun – just as finding the right shoes to a runner is. Now not everyone enjoys these same ventures, and many people in WI have found that shopping for tires can be overwhelming- there are just so many choices.

Tire Categories

  • Summer Tires: You would buy summer tires if you’re looking for maximum summertime performance. The rubber is a little softer to help you stick to the road in fast corners. The tread has wide blocks at the shoulder to stiffen the tire in turns.
  • Winter Tires: You would buy winter tires if you still like performance driving when it’s cold and slippery out, so you need a tread design that’ll really bite into ice and snow. The rubber compound is formulated to stay pliable when temperatures drop below 45 degrees F/7 degrees C.
  • All-season tires: Now, most new cars come with all-seasons in Washington County. The idea is a tire that you can use all-year round in WI. Naturally, the tread design and rubber compound is a compromise that won’t give you the extreme capabilities of summer or winter tires, but if you’re driving and weather conditions aren’t at the extreme ends of the spectrum, all-season tires might suit you just fine.
  • All-terrain tires: These tires are designed for both around Slinger and off-road use. If you need a tire that gets good traction in the dirt and is tough enough for rocks and ruts and stuff, but still performs well on the road, an all-terrain tire might be just what you need

Looking for tires near me

Talk with your friendly and knowledgeable Service Advisor, Dennis, at Joe’s Slinger Service. Our slinger tire professional will recommend the right tire that fits your driving needs and works best with your budget.

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