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That Sinking Feeling (Suspension Failure)

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That Sinking Feeling (Suspension Failure) Apr 28th, 2020 There's nothing quite like the feeling of driving down the road and, suddenly, the back end of your vehicle collapses. A possible cause is that something in your suspension has broken.  Suspension components gradually wear out – you may not even notice the ride and handling slowly

Fuel Pump

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Fuel Pump Apr 22nd, 2020 Help your fuel pump last longer. One pump killer is contamination in the fuel tank. Sometimes this comes from the fuel itself. Buying fuel at a reputable Slinger station will help make sure you are putting clean fuel into the tank. Older vehicles tend to have more sediment in the

Tire Rotation and Balancing

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Tire Rotation and Balancing Apr 16th, 2020 You can make your vehicle tires last longer with regular tire rotation and wheel balancing. Let's start with tire rotation. In normal driving around Slinger WI, your front tires wear more on the shoulders because they handle much of the cornering forces in turns. Front-wheel drive vehicles have even more force

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