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Simple Questions- Wheel Bearings

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Simple Answers from Joe's Slinger Service for Slinger: Wheel Bearings Question: I remember my dad having the shop “pack the bearings” on the family car.  Is this something I need to have done? Answer: That’s a good question.  At one time, all wheel bearings were “serviceable” and needed to be taken care of from time

PCV Valve Service in Slinger WI

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The WI push for fuel economy has the benefit of using less gas as well as fewer emissions in our local Slinger environment. Cars and trucks run cleaner than ever. Many people in the Slinger area may not realize that the first federally mandated pollution control device was in 1960: the PCV valve. 'PCV' stands

Budgeting for Auto Maintenance In Slinger WI

By |2020-06-04T14:43:20+00:00June 4th, 2020|

We all do our best to budget for scheduled vehicle maintenance.  What’s hard is planning for unexpected repairs.  The truth is that our vehicles can stay on the road longer than ever before with proper maintenance.  That’s because of improved vehicle design and manufacturing quality.  But some of those same improvements also lead to higher

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