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Why is my tire pressure light blinking?

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a great feature that allows the operator of a vehicle to know when their tire pressure is low. Low tire pressure is the top cause for highway speed tire failure and can cause poor fuel economy. HERE ARE THREE REASONS YOUR TIRE LIGHT IS ON OR FLASHING: 1) Your

Digital Vehicle Inspection

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We go over the entire vehicle from bumper-to-bumper. We check all safety and maintenance needs. Our comprehensive report is complete with pictures, descriptions, and a rating system. That helps you know what is a priority to fix and what can wait. See your vehicle through the eyes of our ASE Certified mechanics when we text

Why do my brakes squeak?

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There are a couple of reasons the brakes on your vehicle could be squeaking. The first is if your vehicle has been sitting for several days.  Sometimes surface rust can develop on the stopping surface of your brake rotors, causing a squeak noise during your first few brake applications.   This is not a safety concern

Aquapel Glass Treatment – See Clearly. Drive Safer.

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Aquapel Glass Treatment is a product that when applied to glass it repels water making it much easier to see what is on the road. Aquapel forms a chemical bond with glass that increases water repellency, causing it to bead and shed. It was first created for the aviation industry. Once people realized what a

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