Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is a great feature that allows the operator of a vehicle to know when their tire pressure is low. Low tire pressure is the top cause for highway speed tire failure and can cause poor fuel economy.


1) Your tires are low and need air. 

The most common reason for a low tire light is that your tires need air. If all tires are low we recommend inflating your tires to the recommended pressure for your vehicle. If one of your tires is low we recommend having that tire checked. One tire at a lower than the rest is a sign that that tire is having a problem.

2) Your internal battery inside of the tire pressure sensor has failed. 

Many tire pressure monitoring systems rely on watch battery powered sensors. Over time the battery will get weak. A weak or dead battery will not broadcast the needed signal to the vehicle and your tire light will flash or come on.

3) Your TPMS system needs to be reset after inflating your tires. 

Many vehicles need to have their Tire Pressure Monitoring System manually reset. If your vehicle requires a manual reset after a tire rotation or tire inflation your tire light will illuminate until reset.

Tire Pressure Monitors are a great safety feature. Joe’s recommends keeping them in good working order. If you have a flashing tire pressure light or a tire light that will not go out the mechanics at Joe’s have the experience and equipment to help!

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