WI Inspection Station at Joe's Slinger ServiceHas your vehicle started pulling in one direction? Or is your steering wheel vibrating? If so, it may be time to have your alignment checked.

Although these issues may seem minor, ignoring a bad alignment can cause issues in terms of your vehicle’s drivability. For instance, keeping your wheels properly aligned helps your tires last longer, helps your vehicle drive better, and can improve your fuel economy.

Our Service

Since it is impossible to diagnose an alignment issue without understanding if there are issues with your suspension or steering, every alignment service at Joe’s Slinger Service starts with a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems.

Based on the outcome of that inspection, we can perform a computerized alignment or recommend any necessary repairs. Alignment specifications are generated via a detailed computer analysis to restore your vehicle’s alignment to its original factory requirements (or as close to it as is mechanically possible).


Joe’s Slinger staff did an awesome job getting my SUV aligned! Their hard-working staff took the time and did a great job. My 12-year old vehicle drives like a champ. Thanks Dennis & team!


Do You Need Your Alignment Checked?

How often you should have your tires aligned depends on multiple factors, such as your vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule, how your vehicle is driving, and if you’ve hit any potholes or curbs recently.

Typically, if you notice any of the following, it’s time to have your wheels aligned:

  • Your vehicle pulls to one direction. Whether your vehicle has a slight pull or a sharp one, vehicle pulling is often a sign of alignment issues. Before you head in to a repair shop, however, be sure to check your tires. Underinflated tires can also cause pulling.
  • Your tires are wearing unevenly. If the wear patterns on your tires don’t match (meaning the front tire wear patterns don’t match one another, or the rear tires don’t match), it can be a sign of misalignment.
  • Your steering wheel vibrates. A vibrating steering wheel can be caused by an unbalanced tire or an alignment issue. In either instance, you will want to schedule an inspection.
  • Your steering wheel is crooked. If you drive with your steering wheel tilted to one side while driving straight, you likely need an alignment.

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If your vehicle has hit one too many potholes, contact us today to schedule an inspection or alignment. And if you’re not sure of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, give us a call—we can help you determine if it’s time to have your alignment checked.

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