Few vehicle systems are as important to your safety as the brakes on your car. It’s one thing if your car won’t start, but it’s another thing entirely if it won’t stop.

If it’s time to have your brakes repaired or replaced, you can trust the team at Joe’s to use top-quality parts and our many decades of experience to get your brakes working again with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

Brake Services

We offer the following:

  • Inspections
  • Repairs and replacements
  • Rotor replacement and resurfacing
  • Emergency brake repair
  • Brake pad replacement
  • Caliper replacement
  • Brake fluid flushes


We have our fleet account here and service is done in a timing manner. Upfront pricing before the work is done and no surprises after. Great place to work with and I would highly recommend Joe’s Slinger service to anyone for their vehicle maintenance or repair needs.

– Steve

Because we know that having to deal with car problems is stressful and annoying, we offer complimentary shuttle service. And, you can count on our family to get yours back on the road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Do You Need New Brakes?

Unfortunately, unless your brake engine light comes on or you hear your brakes squealing, you may not know the many signs that point to needing new brakes.

If you notice any of the following problems with your brakes, we recommend that you call us or schedule an inspection. Any of these signs could mean it’s time for new brakes, or at the very least, it’s time to have your brakes inspected.

  • Your dashboard brake light turns on. If the brake light on your dashboard lights up, there may be a problem with your anti-lock brakes or a serious problem with your braking system. First, check to make sure that your parking brake is not engaged. If it is not, we recommend that you schedule an inspection immediately.
  • Squealing or squeaking. Brake squealing commonly signals that your brake pads are worn out or that your brake rotors are rusty.
  • Scraping or grinding sounds. Squealing sounds left unrepaired can become grinding sounds. This typically means that the brake pads have worn out, so now the brakes are grinding into the rotors. Grinding sounds should not be ignored—they can lead to serious rotor damage.
  • Pulling. If your vehicle starts pulling to one side when you brake, there may be a problem with one of your brakes that is causing one brake to wear out more quickly than the others.
  • Abnormal pedaling. Hard pedaling (having to apply a lot of pressure to get your brakes to engage) and soft pedaling (when brakes feel soft or spongy) both indicate problems. Changes may occur suddenly or slowly over time.
  • Burning smells. If it smells like something is burning when you use your brakes, they’re overheating. Do not drive your vehicle. We recommend that you schedule an inspection immediately.

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As a family-owned and -operated business, you can count on us to be as truthful and honest with you as we would want any business to be with us. We won’t recommend a service unless you need it.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Free vehicle inspection included with every service!

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