Brakes play a crucial role in keeping our vehicles safe, so it’s never pleasant to hear squealing or grinding when “hitting” the brakes.

Why am I hearing noises from my brakes?


Brake Pad Wear:  The most common cause of brake noise is wear on the brake pads.  Many vehicles’ brakes have metal tabs attached to the pads, and when they get too think, they contact the rotor face, producing a high-pitched squeal.


Metal-on-Metal Contact:  If you hear a grinding noise when coming to a stop, it might mean one or more of your brake pads are worn down to metal.  When friction material is gone, the metal backing hits the metal rotor face.  When this grinding noise is heard, it is NOT advisable to continue using your vehicle.


Moisture and Overheating:  Brake squeaks can result from moisture causing surface rust or parts overheating.  You will most likely experience this in the first couple brake applications of the day.  Overheated rotors or pads can become harder than designed, creating a squeak.  In very moist or humid conditions, rust may develop on the rotor face, causing a swishing or squealing noise.


Let the ASE Certified Technicians at Joe’s Slinger Service inspect your brakes on a regular basis to keep you safe on-the-road!

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