Aquapel Glass Treatment – See Clearly. Drive Safer.

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Aquapel Glass Treatment is a product that when applied to glass it repels water making it much easier to see what is on the road. Aquapel forms a chemical bond with glass that increases water repellency, causing it to bead and shed. It was first created for the aviation industry. Once people realized what a

Common Auto Repairs Explained

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You may not be familiar with all of the common auto repairs and what specifically is involved with each repair. Here is a quick description of some of the typical services that you can get at Joe's. Remember to speak to your service advisor at Joe's to find out about what your vehicles needs are

All-Wheel Drive: Do You Really Need It?

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All-wheel drive (AWD) offers better traction and stability in challenging road conditions. Vehicles with AWD often come with increased costs from reduced fuel efficiency and higher maintenance expenses compared to front-wheel-drive (FWD) or rear-wheel-drive (RWD) cars. Consider your needs and the typical driving environment when deciding if AWD is a smart purchase. What Is All-Wheel

How To Improve Your Fuel Economy

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Let’s review some things that drivers can do to improve fuel economy. Bottom line,  the better you maintain your vehicle, the less fuel you will use. It all adds up in a big way. For example, replacing your dirty engine air filter will pay for itself in fuel savings before your next oil change and

The Benefits Of A Wheel Alignment

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Drivers are concerned about wheel alignments for two primary reasons: safety and money. When your wheels are out of alignment, they can pull to one side, maybe pretty hard. A moment of inattention could put you into on-coming traffic on a busy street, or completely off the road. A bad alignment will chew up your

How Time Flies… When It Comes To Your Battery

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It's funny how the mind can play tricks on you when it comes to your vehicle's service.  If you're not keeping track closely, time can slip away. A driver recently took his 10-year-old vehicle into his mechanic for an oil change.  Knowing the colder weather was approaching, his technician took the opportunity to check out

Simple Answers from Joe’s: Transfer Case Service

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Question: I was told I need to have my transfer case serviced. What is that? Joe's Slinger Service Answer: On a four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle, power needs to be transferred to both the front and rear axles. The transfer case is the mechanism that makes that happen. There are many drivetrain configurations out there, so we'll

Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Blowing Cold Air?

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Joe's Slinger Service Answers: Your air conditioning system uses refrigerant to create cold air. The most common reasons Slinger drivers lose their cold air have to do with the refrigerant. The first is not enough refrigerant. Refrigerant is a gas in the system, and very small holes in a hose, seal or coupler can allow enough

Winter is Coming: Check your Vehicle’s Battery

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Batteries are a huge part of modern life in Slinger WI. I mean, how many battery chargers do you have? Of course, our purpose here is to talk about your car battery. When people come into our Slinger WI service center and need a new battery, they're really not that happy about having to spend the money.

Engine Air Filter

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Today we want to talk about your engine air filter. That's the filter that cleans the air before it's burned in your engine. Many people in Slinger wonder how often they should change their engine air filter. The simple answer is "when it's dirty." That's a function of how much air has passed through the filter,

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