My name is Landon.  I have an auto repair question, I just bought a new car and it started smoking out the tailpipe, someone told me my head gasket went out.  What can I do to prevent this from happening again?


Thanks for your auto repair question regarding your tailpipe smoking. The head gasket fits between the top of the engine and the cylinder head.  Its job is to seal that connection and keep oil and coolant circulating in the right parts of the engine.

When it leaks, oil can get in the coolant and vice versa.  Sometimes coolant or engine oil can get into the combustion chamber where it gets burned with the fuel – which is what makes all that smoke Landon was talking about.

He said his car was new, so it’s likely that the head gasket failed because it was improperly installed– which is very rare.  Sometimes they just burn through.

Engine overheating is a leading cause for blown head gaskets.  Following the manufacturer’s schedule for cooling system service is a great way to avoid overheating. Doing regular maintenance is important to keep your auto repair costs manageable. In this case it sounds like it was out of the customers control.

Replacing a head gasket is expensive,  it’s worth investing in regular cooling system maintenance to avoid that job.  Ask your service advisor if it’s time for a cooling system service.


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