Emissions Testing – What’s the Deal?

Blog by John Mecikalski

Earlier this spring, a gentleman walked into our shop. He asked us this question; “Would you like to increase the number of potential customers coming through your shop?” Now, this is not the first time, nor will it be the last time someone comes in the shop wanting us to buy whatever they are selling because it is the magical golden ingredient for success. But this was different. The man went on to explain that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation was closing the emission testing stations throughout the state, and those duties will be placed with individual repair shops instead. The state of Wisconsin chose to hire a company called Systech, from Utah, to oversee and manage the brand new program that would be taking effect July 2, 2012. The gentleman was from Systech, who would also be responsible for choosing which repair shops would be added to this program as testing facilities. He said, “Would your shop like to be apart of this new program?”

This seemed like exciting and new territory. It is great for our existing customers, who previously had to drive to West Bend for a test, and also the possible new customers that visit us for the first time for a free emissions test. Joe’s Slinger Service would be reimbursed from the state for the tests, so they are at no charge for the customer. This is an opportunity to better serve our customers, quickly and easily. Passing tests are given a printed PASSED inspection sheet. The failed tests are also given a printed inspection and a reason for the fail. All test results are sent to the DOT electronically, so there is no extra work for the customer. Finally, an emissions procedure we can live with. That sounds like a win-win!

So, why was Joe’s Slinger Service chosen as a testing facility? The repair shops chosen for the program were picked for a few different reasons. Joe’s has been around since 1998, we are an established shop in the Slinger area. Joe’s is also a well respected shop that has great customer reviews (which can also be seen on our website). Here at Joe’s we have a large, clean facility that has the capabilities to handle the extra vehicles. These things combined with Joe’s knowledge and ability to fix cars morally and properly, made Joe’s Slinger Service an easy choice to become a Wisconsin DOT Testing Facility.

The test itself is very fast and simple. Stop by Joe’s, let us know you need an emissions test and have a seat in our comfortable waiting room. The test usually takes less than 10 minutes and you are back on the road! If you choose, you may also re-new your vehicle registration and receive your updated license plate sticker right here at the shop!

So when it does come to emission testing time, remember that Joe’s is a trusted testing facility. If your vehicle fails its emissions test and you schedule repairs at Joe’s, mention this blog for 10% off your repair bill. If you have any questions, you may check out the WIVIP website which is https://www.wisconsinvip.org or you can certainly call us anytime at Joe’s, 262-644-8276.

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