Fuel, whether gasoline or diesel, is delivered to your engine to be burned to generate the power needed to keep you moving.  This fuel leaves a residue as it moves through your fuel system.  This may not seem like much, but it can cause big problems.  Gum and varnish build up inside fuel lines, your throttle body and injectors.  It’s like plaque build-up in your arteries – it restricts the free flow of fuel and can even clog your fuel injectors. 

In addition, carbon from combustion starts to accumulate on your valves, inside the combustion chamber and on your pistons.  This interferes with proper mixing of fuel and air and can prevent your valves from sealing properly.  This means less power, rough running engine and wasted fuel – and could even lead to expensive damage over time.

A fuel system cleaning clears out the gum and varnish from your fuel system and gets your injectors working properly, restoring power and fuel efficiency.  Carbon deposits are dissolved, and your engine starts running like new again.

If your engine seems sluggish and less responsive than it used to be, it might mean that you need a fuel system cleaning.  Ask your service advisor if a fuel system cleaning is right for you.

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