I remember when I was a kid, my mom always had me running through a sprinkler or into the swimming pool on hot days to make sure I was keeping cool in the summer heat. Weather like we are experiencing now can be difficult to handle, for ourselves and our vehicles, even for a short time. Running your car through the sprinkler won’t have the same result. However, there are 4 very simple maintenance items to check when the Mercury rises.

1. Batteries.

“I can tell you first hand, heat is a batteries worst enemy. Extreme heat like this can boil the battery acid and fluid inside the battery. The battery expands, and will cause them to leak. This will result in battery failure in the long run. When you stop in for a routine oil change, we test the battery for you to ensure that it is in good condition, or find a poor performing battery before it leaves you sweating and stranded.”

2. Tires.

“This is one of the easiest things to check. Heat can raise the tire pressure, which is why car makers suggest checking inflation before driving. As you drive your car through any month of the year, your tires PSI (pounds per square inch) will go up 5-8 PSI. In extreme heat, even higher. If you have weak, bald or bulging tires, this increases your chances for blowout. The bonus is, proper inflation also helps improve fuel economy.”

3. Cooling System (Anti-freeze)

“Anti-Freeze doesn’t just protect from freezing, it is also the engines coolant during hot weather. Low coolant levels can spell disaster for engines if not corrected. Worn hoses, and belts that have deteriorated with age will be pushed to the limits during extreme temperatures. A blown radiator hose can cause severe damage, sometimes before you may even notice. A simple inspection can catch these hoses before they turn into a problem.”

4. Air Conditioning

“An A/C performance check is fast and easy. We check the refrigerant level and ensure that your A/C is cooling down to the proper level. In some cases, the refrigerant (freon) is low or has leaked out which can cause the A/C to switch on and off or blow warm air. Running the Air Conditioning continuously in extreme weather can put extra strain the the engine. If taking long trips, cycling the A/C on and off yourself can save fuel mileage, and unnecessary wear and tear.”

Granted. As car owners and mechanics both know, vehicles can be unpredictable complicated beasts. If you have any questions, concerns about your vehicle or the topics in the blog, please contact us that the shop, we are happy to help!

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