As I write this newsletter, the election is over, Covid-19 is still hanging around and it seems as the holidays may not be the same. I hope you are all in good health and getting through this time as best as you can, remember this too shall pass. Many of the things that are currently happening are out of control, let’s focus on what we can control. At times, customers have received costly repair estimates due to lack of maintenance on their vehicles- when this happens, I think to myself how different and more manageable this situation could be. Please do your diligence on getting regular maintenance done, this will help manage the cost of repairs and keep your vehicle in safe working condition. Remember, taking care of your vehicle is similar to caring for your body. Needless to say, control what you can and let go of what you can’t. In the meantime, if you have questions, I am here for you! Remember there is NOT a dumb question especially when it involves your safety, Dr. Joe is here to help.


Thank you for your past and continued business, your support through these tough times has been a blessing. Merry Christmas and Cheers to a better 2021! All of us at Joe’s Thank you for your business.