vehicle-doctorYour vehicle is a lot like your body. When you notice something is hurting, you wait until you just can’t stand it anymore, finally calling your doctor so they can examine your symptoms and prescribe a solution. Your mechanic is similar to your doctor because when your vehicle is making strange noises or lights you never knew existed light up on your dashboard, you sometimes hold off on calling him because you think it’s going to cost you money. After all, your vehicle is still getting you where you want to go! Some of you even get creative and hide the vehicle’s symptoms such as covering up your check engine light with tape so you don’t have to look at it! (true story) When the time comes that you can’t stand the noise/light etc. you take your vehicle in for a diagnosis. Then you dread the call of the service writer calling you with the estimate of repairs needed. After he explains what the mechanic has found, and the price to repair it, he also informs you that it could have been prevented if you had just done your preventative maintenance he offered you last time you were in the shop. Just like your body is wired, so is your vehicle. Everything is connected. Your body can’t run on one organ alone, just like your vehicle cannot run on one part alone. So it makes sense to maintain all of your body’s parts, as well as all of your vehicle’s parts. The best part of this is that each vehicle gives you a cheat sheet (owner’s manual) that tells you exactly what needs to be done, and when, in order to keep your vehicle running at it’s best.

The ASE certified team at Joe’s Slinger Service are here to help you and your vehicle when lights and noises arise. But they are also here to provide necessary maintenance helping to avoid major repairs down the road. We even keep track of service done to your vehicle and recommend when the next planned maintenance should be done so you don’t even have to think about it. You can even track your maintenance and repair history via a website specific to your vehicle.

Go to to read testimonials from others who have had work done at Joe’s and how pleased they are with our service. You will also find out how to get a FREE OIL CHANGE and many other great deals and offers. Check out Joe’s Facebook Page for coupons/specials etc. that can only be heard about on Facebook. Joe’s even has You Tube videos on “how-to-do” simple services such as check your fluids and how to check the air in your tires. We work hard to keep you and your family safe on the road. If you are a current customer, thanks for your trust in us. If you are not a customer yet, go to our website and read the testimonials and give us a try next time you need some help.